Ecora Patch Manager FAQ

Question:  When I try to push patches, I get the following error: "Failed to save the task, error number 1702".

Answer:  You may see this error if your Patch Manager machine has Windows XP with Service Pack 1 AND Microsoft patch 835732 installed. Simply stated, this patch has the potential to disrupt the scheduling mechanism used by Patch Manager to push patches.

More Information:

Please see "You cannot schedule a remote job by using the AT command from a Windows XP-based computer" (Microsoft Knowlege Base Article ID: 843250) for more technical information about the cause of this issue.


  1. Install Windows XP Service Pack 2 to the computer where Patch Manager is installed. (Recommended) Windows XP Service Pack 2 is the defacto-standard service pack level recommended by Microsoft for computers running the Windows XP operating system.

  2. If Installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not a viable option there is a hotfix available from Microsoft for this particular problem. Information about how to obtain the hotfix from Microsoft is located in the Microsoft knowledge base article linked to from the "More Information" section above.

  3. Uninstall patch 835732. (Not recommended). While uninstalling this patch may correct the problem with Patch Manager, doing so may pose a security risk. Ecora does not recommend leaving your system unpatched.