Ecora Patch Manager FAQ

Question:  I am unable to push Office patches due to an invalid MSI path?

Answer:  Installation of Microsoft Office 2000 hotfixes and service packs requires that the path to the original office Installation CD-ROM be accessible and readable. This is also known as the path to the file data1.MSI, often a file share on the network or the CD-ROM in a local drive.

Patch Manager makes every attempt to discover this location (via Windows Registry Keys on the target machine). If you get an error such as "No valid paths to the Microsoft Installation (data1.msi)." View the Push Log file and verify the location of the Microsoft installation.

Remember that the credentials you provide for installation must have access to the drive and that the drive must be accessible when the patches are installed (not a machine that is shut down when the installation is scheduled at 3:00 a.m., for example).

MS Office patches need an MSI path for installation. MSI paths local to the target machine are not supported. Share the local installation folder and specify an alternate MSI path (System management... Properties...) by browsing the network to the shared folder.