Auditor Professional FAQ

Question:  Work-around for Ecora Provisioning Manager - MS-SQL installs on Windows 2003

Answer:  1) Put MS SQL 2000 distribution on the hard disk (which will be the source for the package when adding the package from Console)

2) Extract SP3a files somewhere, and copy/overwrite all files from x86other folder and its subfolder of SP3a to corresponding files in the MS SQL distribution (warning: not just overwrite the x86other folder, keep the original x86other folder and only overwrite files from SP3a to it)

3) Use the resulting distribution with x86other files taken from SP3a to add the package to PvM

Alternatively, add MS SQL 2000 package first, then to go to the Provisioning/Application Packages/ folder and change necessary files in x86other from SP3a