Ecora Patch Manager FAQ

Question:  How can I tell what version of MDAC I have?

Answer:  Certain Windows operating systems come with Microsoft Data Access Components; here's a list:
- Windows 95, 98, NT - Not initially installed
- Windows 2000 - MDAC 2.5
- Windows ME - MDAC 2.5
- Windows XP (Home and Pro) - MDAC 2.7

Note: Windows applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Service Packs ship with various versions of MDAC. Further information can be found in Microsoft's DLL Database by searching for the keyword MSADO15.dll.

Checking the MDAC version using Component Checker
Before installing MDAC on any machine, it's a good idea to use Microsoft's Component Checker utility, which can help diagnose issues with MDAC installation and determine what version is installed.

Follow these steps to use the Component Checker utility.

1 Download and install MDAC Utility: Component Checker from the Microsoft web site.
Note: The link to download the Component Checker on the Microsoft web site. is located at the right side of the Quick Info box.

2 From the Start menu select Run and enter "C:ComCheckComCheck.exe."
The Component Checker will appear with an analysis selection dialog box.

3 Choose the option "Perform analysis of your machine and automatically determine the release version" and click Ok.

Note: A message with the closest version number matching the MDAC installed should appear after several minutes of diagnostics.