Ecora Patch Manager FAQ

Question:  Why am I unable to push patches to XP Professional workstation or 2003 Server in a workgroup?

Answer:  When an XP Professional workstation or 2003 Server is configured as a workgrouped machine, it may not have the necessary sharing and security configured.

  1. Although file sharing may be installed, it is not enabled by default. To enable file sharing you must select a folder, right click, select Sharing and Security, and enable sharing in this folder. You will be prompted that you need to run the Network Wizard in order to enable any sharing; step through the wizard and proceed to step three.
  2. Verify that the Internet Connection Firewall is not enabled. To check this, go to the properties of your LAN connection, and click the Advanced tab.
  3. When Simple File Sharing is enabled, XP authenticates all users as guests. To resolve this, open My Computer and select Tools...Folder Options. Go to the View tab, scroll to the bottom, and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing.
  4. Reboot the system to apply the changes.