Ecora Patch Manager FAQ

Question:  I have applied the patches that are referenced in the error messages and I still receive messages about invalid checksums. What could cause this?

Answer:  This behavior is probably caused by a subsequent patch that you applied to your computer that installed more recent versions of the same files. Check your file versions against those that are detailed in the related Microsoft Knowledge Base articles to verify that you have the correct files on your computer.
If your computer is compromised by a malicious user, the malicious user may have attempted to place Trojan versions of these files on your computer. The software detects the file version or checksum differences and report this back to you in error messages. Examine this host in greater detail to verify that the files that are described in these error messages are the correct Microsoft files. You can use Sigverif.exe, a command-line tool that is included with Windows 2000, to verify that the Microsoft signature on system files is installed on your computer. For more information about this behavior, view the Additional Support and Feedback section in this article.