Auditor Basic FAQ

Question:  Why can I not produce Visio diagrams using Visio 2002?

Answer:  When Microsoft released Visio 2002, they updated the stencils, making legacy diagrams, such as Ecora's, struggle with mapping from the old to new stencils.

If you wish to display any Ecora Visio diagrams in Visio 2002, you need to download the old stencils and install them with your Visio 2002.

To install the old stencils:
Download the zipped stencils.
Unzip the file into a directory.
Locate the program installation directory for Visio 2002. The default installation is C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeVisio10C3Solutions

Locate the subdirectories in the installation directory.
Copy the contents of the subdirectories from your unzipped file into the subdirectories under Visio with the same names. For example, copy the contents of C:TempSolutionsFlowchart into C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeVisio10C3SolutionsFlowchart.
Repeat for all subdirectories.
Restart Visio.
Try creating or viewing Ecora Visio diagram.