Ecora Keynote Speaker: Steve Brasen

Steve Brasen, Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Steve's career at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) follows 19 years of industry experience in system operations and engineering.

Prior to joining EMA, Steve managed an Enterprise Storage Operations team at Agilent Technologies, which involved supervising a global 24x7 support team, implementing support procedures and providing technical solutions to enhance the enterprise storage environment. During his tenure at Agilent, Steve was also responsible for security project management and coordinating DS5 SOX auditing.

Steve began his career as a Systems Administrator for UNIX International, learning the industry and assisting in the development of the open system standards for the first release of UNIX System V.4. He continued to enhance his career in operations as a Senior UNIX Administrator for AT&T and Bell Communications Research (Bellcore). As a Senior Analyst for the Vital Records department of Wall Street firm, Salomon Smith Barney, Steve redirected his career to engineering and managing enterprise storage systems and applications. As a Systems Engineer at MCI Worldcom, Steve was instrumental in implementing the NIP switching system for British Telecom (BT) and designed operating system specifications for the Next Generation Service Node (NGSN).

Steve's "in the trenches" experience in operations support provides EMA with a unique perspective on actual IT operations concerns, needs and solutions.