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What is The Need

Today's global business environment requires around-the-clock system availability that extends far beyond the traditional data center. Yet, infrastructure complexity threatens system performance and availability, especially as environments become increasingly more heterogeneous and new technologies like virtualization multiply the number of systems within many environments. The challenge to deliver business services more effectively is compounded by the growing number of governmental and industry imposed regulatory mandates. Without a clear view of what is transpiring across the enterprise, organizations face unplanned downtime, potential security exploits, and failed compliance audits. This has led many organizations to pursue best practice initiatives like IT service management or business service management as a way of gaining greater insight into their environments.

What We Do

Ecora Software provides configuration audit and analytics solutions to customers worldwide, ensuring their IT infrastructures remain operationally effective, secure and compliant. As a crucial element integrated into an overall Business Service Management (BSM) strategy, Ecora is the market leader in transforming enterprise-wide configuration data into clear, actionable reports for regulatory compliance and enabling IT best practices. The Company's flagship solution, Auditor Professional™, provides immediate value with its agentless architecture matched with rich report templates and pre-defined policies providing the foundation for effective change and configuration management. Ecora Software ensures that you are prepared for any IT audit before the auditor arrives, taking the cost and complexity out of compliance audits and enabling IT best practices for more than 800 worldwide customers across a wide range of industries, including many of the Fortune 1000.

Rapid Time to Value

In just days, Ecora's Auditor Pro delivers substantial value for customers by providing IT organizations the level of configuration detail necessary to understand and analyze a system's current configuration state, providing a proactive view of the IT infrastructure that ensures critical business services remain operationally effective, secure, and compliant with internal standards and external regulations.

With Ecora Auditor Pro, you can:

  • Reduce audit preparation and compliance audit validation by up to 95%
  • Identify authorized and unauthorized system changes without costly manual forensics
  • Shorten problem resolution by up to 80% by quickly determining root cause
  • Maintain current identity and access information without the time and costs of investing in an Identity Management system
  • Proactively identify system changes and address undesired changes automatically through existing change management processes
  • Ensure current system documentation is available in the event of a disaster
  • Fulfill service level agreements by accelerating meantime to resolution and improving overall systems availability

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