Ecora Authorized Beta Test Program

We appreciate your interest in our beta test program. Please complete and submit the registration from below and complete the survey for the specific beta test program of interest to you. If you are selected to participate, an Ecora Software representative may contact you to ask a few additional questions and answer any preliminary questions you may have. Only those selected to participate in the program will be contacted.

The purpose of an Authorized Beta Test Program is to identify and eliminate defects in Ecora beta products, as well as address reliability, scalability, and usability (human factors). The program is also designed to validate the product features and record enhancement requests for future releases.

Ecora selects a specific number of customers to become Authorized Beta Test sites for each beta product. These sites will work with our development teams to test beta products prior to public release.

Beta Test Requirements

  • Participate in the Ecora Beta Test Program under a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Install the product within 2 business days of receiving it
  • Test the product for a minimum of 2 hours a day for two weeks
  • Allow Ecora personnel to conduct a 3 day on-site visit, as required
  • Complete the provided test cases within 2 week after the beta release is installed
  • Report on defects found during beta testing within 1 business day
  • Report feedback to Development on reliability, stability, and readiness of the product for the marketplace
  • Provide feedback regarding product documentation and Help systems and answer survey questions, as needed
  • Agree to serve as some level of reference (i.e. accept calls from customer prospects, be featured in Ecora collateral, or interview with press or industry analyst)

Participation in beta testing is beneficial for you, the customer, by providing

  • Early access to product code
  • Involvement in the development cycle, which includes the ability to influence the final code and submit enhancement requests prior to release
  • Free technical support throughout the duration of the beta test period
  • More stable code due to multiple individuals testing in many environments
  • One-on-one contact with the Development team, Product Management, Marketing, etc., through regular conference calls
  • Improved documentation
  • Ability to roll out the product in your production environment immediately upon official customer release
  • Resulting knowledge gained from participating on the beta test program

Current Beta Test Opportunities

Ecora does not currently have any active beta programs.