Customer Success Program

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American Bible Society - Nick Garbidakis, CIO/CTO and Bill Grigonis, Operations Manager
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People's Bank - Turnor Wootton, Enterprise Architect

Complete a Customer Success Call

These twice yearly calls between the Ecora CEO and the executive teams of each customer provide a unique opportunity to discuss the relationship, uncover improvement opportunities, share successes and gain insight into what is on the horizon at Ecora.

Success Call Agenda

  • Overview of the Success Program
  • Review of current success level and influencing factors
  • Development of a Success Plan for the coming year
  • Updates on Ecora (includes product roadmap, special offers and more)
  • Summary

Define and Execute a Success Plan

Tailored to each customer, this comprehensive action plan clearly outlines how success is defined by the customer, notes where Ecora stands today and provides a roadmap of the steps needed to get to 100% customer satisfaction.

Achieving Success

Each customer’s success plan guides the Ecora team on how to deliver 100% success for that customer. A detailed timeline and regular checkpoints ensure the plan is always on track, even when a customer’s priorities shift. When success is achieved, the plan is revisited to ensure success is maintained consistently.

Sample Success Plan

View Sample Success Plan