Professional Services

Ecora provides our customers with complete solutions to meet their demands for configuration auditing and auditable evidence for compliance validation. We recognize that each of our customers has unique business requirements, resource availability, and priorities. Therefore, we provide a suite of professional services to help our customers increase the value of their Ecora software solutions:


Ecora understands that some of its clients would prefer to implement the product on their own and receive guidance and training via remote methods. Ecora's Rapid-Remote service combines web-conference training and consulting to provide you with the information you need to address your IT issues and achieve a rapid return on your investment.

Implementation & Training

Ecora Implementation & Training services combine on-site consulting, customization, and training to provide you with solutions to your problems and the training you need to achieve a rapid return on your investment. With our Implementation & Training services, our goal is to enable you to become self-sufficient and proficient in the use of the software in the shortest amount of time.

Custom Reporting

The Custom Reporting service leverages best practices garnered from over 1,100 active worldwide customers with environments from large and complex to small and straightforward. Ecora uses this experience and combined with the expertise of our own IT professionals to help you customize and generate the reports you need to:

Health Check

IT environments are in constant evolution. Technology is added or removed. Administrative expertise is reallocated. Business drivers that force an organizational realignment can have an adverse effect on IT services that could negatively impact the business. In each case, adjustments to the configuration of Ecora Auditor software may be required to assure maximum value continued to be provided.In addition, the information you initially needed to collect and report on may not be the information you require now. New compliance regulations and evolving IT best practice frameworks continually increase the scope of work your IT organization must undertake to properly understand and manage your environment.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Integration Service

Ecora's ITSM Integration Service is designed to integrate Ecora Auditor Pro with service management applications such as configuration management databases (CMDBs), and help or service desk applications. This integration allows Auditor Pro to report changes in configuration attributes to the ITSM application for reconciliation against approved changes and maintain detailed, accurate asset and configuration information about deployed systems.