Patch Manager

Prevent 90% of Security Breaches and Prove Compliance

Worms, viruses, and hackers exploit know vulnerabilities and put your data and security at risk. Ironically patches exist to close 90% of known vulnerabilities.

Patch Manager automates system discovery, patch assessment and patch installation on workstations and servers.

Many powerful features?

  • Agent-less or optionally agent-based
  • Intuitive UI
  • Installs in minutes, auto-discovers servers and workstations
  • Patch ANY Windows application Microsoft supports
  • Patch other companies' Windows-based patches
  • Patch for home grown applications
  • Automated patch roll-back on one or more machines
  • Logically groups systems for ease of management
  • Ecora engineering notes from extensive lab testing
  • 3rd-party severity ratings from CIAC
  • Links to Microsoft and other vendors' patch information
  • Scheduled patch deployment

Multiple web-based reports to validate compliance (way better than WSUS)?

Clear ROI and benefits?

  • Wake on LAN ? scan machines that are turned off
  • Ability to patch across firewalls and on workstations and servers in a DMZ
  • Enforce corporate patching policy with Import/Export feature
  • Improve scanning time by 25% or more with Rapid Scan
  • Allow/deny reboot on agent systems
  • Faster, snappier UI
  • Scan for only the patches you want
  • Ability to select all missing patches in a scan with one click
  • IIS-hosted Repository in addition to UNC
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Ability to quickly abort patching on agent systems