Audit Professional

Deliver Change and Configuration Best Practices for exceptional ROI

100s of systems, 1,000s attributes, millions of possible combination, each change with potential impact on compliance and technology availability. The potential exposure for companies can range from 100s of thousands to many millions.

Ecora Auditor Pro utilizes an agentless architecture to discover, collect, analyze and report on configuration data from your infrastructure. It delivers immediate value by leveraging pre-defined policies and rich report templates to provide the foundation for effective change and configuration management. Auditor Pro ensures that you are prepared for any IT audit before the auditor arrives, taking the cost and complexity out of compliance audits.

Audit Pro is essential part of your It support infrastructure helping to identify both issues and solutions. It reduces resolution times and makes your precious resources more efficient and effective. It provides immediate root cause analysis and helps validate Service Levels. The value that is generates is important behind your firewalls and extends into virtual environments to ensure that you are in control of your systems and infrastructure.

Many powerful features?

  • Intuitive UI and non-invasive and agentless approach
  • Wide platform support for operating systems,databases, applications,firewalls and network devices
  • Powerful reporting, including many pre-defined reports that meet specific business needs
  • Web-based interface for easy report generation and distribution throughout your organization
  • Report-driven data collection captures only the data that is needed
  • Integration with popular CMDB
  • Web-based policies management interface and tracking dashboards
  • Ready reporting and policies templates for SOX, PCI, GLBA,FISMA/FISCAM, HIPAA, and more
  • Building alerting and notification
  • Scheduler to automate collections and other tasks to optimize your time
  • Alignment with Best Practices for Change Management
  • Multiple awards and recognition as a pioneer in IT Change and Configuration Management

Thousands of reports online accessible?


Document Servers

Consolidation and Migration

Audit and Compliance

Identifying and Tracking Changes

Clear ROI and benefits?

  • Save time and reduce audit and compliance preparation costs by 95%
  • Quickly identify authorized and unauthorized system changes
  • Shorten problem resolution by 80%
  • Receive Identity Management benefits quicker and less expensively than a full Identity Management System
  • Proactively identify and prevent problems to reduce trouble tickets by up to 50%
  • Monitor and identify over a million possible System Changes from a single interface
  • Accelerate ITIL adoption
  • Use management tools, such as the Executive Dashboard for actionable security policies and standards decisions
  • Improve testing of IT controls
  • Educate stakeholders and increase transparency of IT infrastructure decision making
  • Thoroughly document your IT infrastructure for compliance and faster disaster recovery
  • Identify the internal security misconfigurations vulnerability scanners can't see
  • Improve systems availability by proactively eliminating unstable c onfiguration changes
  • Answer virtually any question about your IT infrastructure faster than ever before