Management Team

Atanas Popov

Chief Executive Officer

Atanas Popov was named CEO of Ecora in 2009. Mr. Popov's objective is to drive revenue growth and profitability for Ecora, while delivering true value for its many customers. He brings to Ecora comprehensive business expertise in technology and regulatory compliance. Prior to this Mr. Popov was CEO of Docvoice, a healthcare technology company, and co-founded the new ventures group for Interpublic, one of the largest global marketing holding companies. He delivered solutions in search, mobile marketing, social media and hyperlocal marketing. Atanas also served as SVP of Business Transformation with IPG Media.

Mr. Popov joined Interpublic from Deloitte Consulting where he advised major Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, financial services, media and technology. While at Deloitte, Atanas developed a number of POVs on various regulatory compliance topics, including HIPPA and overall consumer privacy in the digital age. Mr. Popov has led large-scale technology transformation initiatives delivering substantial value to enterprise clients. He has diverse international experiences from ventures in Europe, North and Latin America. Mr. Popov holds Master of International Business and BS in Mathematics.

Andrew Price

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Price is Versata's Chief Financial Officer. Andrew is responsible for the global financial operations of Versata Enterprises including accounting, tax, treasury, financial planning, and M&A. During his tenure, Andrew has been a critical member of the executive team charged with executing Versata's strategy of profitable and sustained growth.

Prior to that, he was Director of Product Management where he oversaw Trilogy's complete portfolio of technology-enabled business services.

Frank Kopas

Senior Vice President of Sales

Frank Kopas leads the sales organization for Versata Enterprises and is responsible for revenue growth across a diverse group of businesses and customers spanning many industries. Frank joined Versata in 2005 and led sales for the financial services sector before being appointed Vice President, and subsequently Senior Vice President of Sales for Versata Enterprises and its family of companies. These include Versata Software, Artemis, Gensym, Nextance, Clear Technology, Evolutionary Technologies, Ecora Software and TenFold.

During Frank's 16 years of sales leadership in enterprise software and services, he has established and executed sales plans resulting in profitable revenue while invigorating growth. He is a critical contributor on the executive team providing vision into customer trends and market needs. Since Frank's arrival in 2005, he has built a highly effective sales organization that has delivered consistent revenue growth by providing large-scale solutions to Global 500 companies such as MetLife, IBM, Roche, Corning, Exxon and United HealthCare.

Frank's career includes leadership roles with Hewlett-Packard, iPhrase Technologies (now part of IBM), Banter Systems and Brio Technology. Frank holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

Randall Jacops

Versata Enterprises

Randy Jacops was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Versata Enterprises in 2006. Previously, Mr. Jacops was the VP and GM responsible for Trilogy Technology Group, Trilogy's enterprise software business unit. Upon acquiring Versata, Trilogy combined Trilogy Technology Group and Versata to form a single business unit, Versata Enterprises, focused on enterprise software and devoted to customer success and innovation. With the combination, Mr. Jacops became CEO. Versata is now the parent company of several acquired leading technology firms, including Ecora Software, Artemis, Gensym, Nextance, Clear Technology, Evolutionary Technologies, and TenFold.

During his tenure at Trilogy, Mr. Jacops served in a variety of operational and strategic roles encompassing consulting, engineering, finance, and general operations. Before his recent assignment as VP and GM of Trilogy Technology Group, he served as the COO of Trilogy's Automotive and High-Tech business units. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Jacops has championed and implemented Trilogy's Customer Success Program at a variety of Global 1000 corporations and continues introducing new and acquired customers to Versata's differentiated approach to customer success.

Prior to Trilogy, Mr. Jacops was a partner with Deloitte Consulting, specializing in business transformation initiatives for global corporations in the manufacturing and technology industries. Mr. Jacops was a founding partner of Deloitte's Shared Services business, where his team grew a start-up business to a $50M service line, one of the fastest growing and successful endeavors within Deloitte. Mr. Jacops started his career as a financial analyst with Ford Motor Company, where he performed a wide variety of jobs, from Finance Staff to plant-floor analysis.

Christopher Smith

Versata Enterprises

Chris Smith was named Chief Operations Officer in 2006, and as such oversees all engineering, consulting, marketing, and IT activities for all of Versata's business verticals. Previously, Mr. Smith was the GM responsible for Trilogy Technology Group Financial Services Business Unit, as well as their Consumer Public Business Unit. Upon acquiring Versata, Trilogy combined Trilogy Technology Group and Versata to form a single business unit, Versata, focused on enterprise software and devoted to customer success and innovation. With the combination, Mr. Smith became Chief Operations Officer.

Mr. Smith has served in a variety of operational and strategic roles for Trilogy since coming on board in 1996. Before his recent assignment as GM of Trilogy Technology Group's Financial Services and Consumer Public Business Units, he served as the Sr. Director of operations for Trilogy's Financial Services, Technical Solutions, and High-Tech business units. Mr. Smith has a long track record of delivering customer success and driving value for global 2000 companies for over 15 years.

Prior to Trilogy, Mr. Smith was head of Information Systems and Application Development for several leading handheld computer manufacturers as well as instrumental in driving technology changes within the public sector. His experience in the manufacturing and software industry provide the executive team valuable insights and experience in building customer, shareholder, and employee value.